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Brady Educational Services: The SAT PREP Program

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in our Program! We have been proudly serving local students for over 15 years now.

Please take a few minutes to visit all of our pages. The course we offer is very unique, and our results speak for themselves. 


We offer the latest test-taking techniques and study methods.

Our Full Private Course runs for 12 weeks. Sessions are conducted in the comfort of the student's home, unless otherwise requested. Students often have very busy schedules. We understand, and our tutors are able to arrange these private lessons during afternoons, nights, or weekends.  

This is not a "one-size-fits-all" course, nor is it like groups you might find at your local high school or nearby college**. Students learn differently, and often need specific help to improve performance on the SAT I.

We work hard to customize instruction. We carefully evaluate each student by combining information from PSAT/SAT scores, academic progress and parental feedback. This complete picture helps us to determine what your son or daughter most needs from us.
The program is then adjusted to best challenge and support the student.

No other program offers more personal and flexible programming.

** There are SAT "bootcamps" and groups available through schools and other companies, and some of these options are a little less expensive than the private tutoring we offer. However, doesn't it make sense to choose a company based on RESULTS, not on the dollar amount of a course?

Cheaper is not better if a student is bored or lost in a crowd.
Cheaper is not better if you don't see measurable improvement.
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